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Still here Aug. 12th, 2010 @ 03:44 am
I hear the strings of that quartet that sends my torso into the swing of harmony that I feel in this moment. And when I'm held in this time, in this place, in the arms that love me I wonder do you know me? I will never be, could never be what all of them had wanted me to be but still at least I'm willing to learn and understand. In my childhood I loved those so deeply and dearly just to have them cast me and throw me away. In all of this time I have touched more, loved more and held onto the things that this heart has come to believe. You don't know me, you don't know me. You will never see the things that I see, all that I want you will never see the purpose behind them. The reasons that I'm not afraid, no I could never be, I am simply me. I'm real can you feel it? I have so much potential, potential was it? I could've told you more than just my potential, could've showed you who I was and that I'm already living up to that potential. And in the times I sway, in the times I cry, in the times I reach out and hold the hand that I love, in the times I hug the ones I love past all of the things they told me that I should've been, but I, I'm not what you seem for me to be. But I will always dream my dreams past the whispers and lies of the stories they constantly tell themselves, of the assumptions that will always make asses out of the best of us. And maybe your right, maybe I'll never change, maybe just maybe I'm the one thats still here, I'm still here, I'm right here. In all of the ships that I have boarded, past all of the waves I have ridden, on top of the backs of the horses that rode so fast I could feel the freedom of me just me. Is that what my problem was? Do I not listen to what you want me to be? Could you know me? Did you ever know me? Laughter that persuades me comes to pull and push me and still here I am writing my lyrics that will always sway those to learn more about me and still broken am I when it comes to the moment of me being real and showing the raw emotion of that moment. Was I always a question to you, a conspiracy theory to this world? Am I too bold for my own good? Was I too smart, had I seen to much for this world to accept the answers that I have given? And If you had ever said anything of worth to me would I ever remember past that day? I had once tried so hard to understand what makes one valuable, meant to be held onto instead of tossed out. And was it my flaw that I can't show what was meant to be shown? And out of all of these years trully I have stood alone. In all of the real moments, in all of the times that I have sought after what was meant to belong, out of all of the things that the world has said that I need to change, trully its the blind leading the blind. And when you know me is it my fault for being afraid? Out of the eight that I have helped to make men, did they understand the logic behind my plans? Eventhough they all failed miserably. You will never be able to see me in your periphrial vision. So don't tell me what I should do, what I should be. Because I will always dream my dreams and ignore the whisper of the lies that you wanted me to believe. If I had any flaws it was that I held on for too long, and trully I'm here, I'm the one, I'm still here. I'm the one thats still here

tangerine lily Aug. 14th, 2008 @ 06:06 pm
Tangerine Lily
An egg yolk sun
spreads over that
marmalade grass.
Eyes in a trance.
Fingers pick up
the tangerine lily.
First in this patch.

“Is not it full of grace?”
the boy who has brought his
father to take a look,
cries out. The color of
delight is tangerine.
Suddenly the man feels
something is changing within.

sky. blue. Jul. 11th, 2008 @ 06:25 pm

Sky. Blue.

Blue. Sky. The kite. The yellow one is mine.

String has petered out like the call of her.

My mom. Sis is bored easily. Mom says,

“Girls do not come with sky. They must win it.”

Kite is mine. The short-term king of the blue.

Rooftop and concrete float under young feet.

The rival king is coming in this sky.

The red one. From that neighborhood lean boy.

“It is better.” Sis does not know the things.

Fight red kite. This sky is mine. You move on.

Unseen string versus string. Will versus will.

 “Brother!” Why is she so nervous?  “Look out.”

Perilous edge of roof that I never see.


Of course sky is mine. Blue. Deep. Floating…

snippets Apr. 20th, 2008 @ 01:37 pm


His dull scissors fell from a hand too old.

The red dirt of a village road ahead.

The village barber’s hairs flow in arid air 



Snippet - II

The inventions of do-gooders to hair, skin, teeth

Even age

Lie on the dressing table with double mirror.

She overlooks

The creeping shadow of time on the pane.

Skylar Oct. 1st, 2004 @ 09:26 pm
I started looking for a comm for poetry and found this one and thought it was really cool looking. So I hope I get accepted!!

Name: Skylar
Age: 16 (17 soon!!)
Location: Texas
3-5 Sample Poems:

Running Water
I thought that I was over you
Like a bridge over running water
For you sure had run from me
But instead I see you there again
Just were you always were
You pulled my feet from under me
Made me fall in with a splash
I feel like I'm drowing in salt water
Oh wait
Those are just my tears

Sometimes I'm difficult
Keeping to myself
Yet sometimes I'm not
Loud and friendly
And bright and cheerful
Ready for the world

I offered you my heart
A crystal bubble for your taking
You told me you would care for it
Yet it ends up breaking
Why'd you do this to me
I thought that the love was real
But now I'm hurting all around
And no longer wish to feel

That's all I have right now. But I'll post more if I get accepted here =) Sorry they aren't very long.
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